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Sundog and the new solar PV feed in tariffs

While Climate Change and Energy Minister Greg Barker’s recently announced review of the solar PV feed in tariff (FIT) is still subject to consultation, it is now widely assumed that it will apply to all new solar PV installations from December 12, 2011.

Under the new proposals being debated until December 23, 2011, the arrangement for consumers already receiving FITs will be unchanged and they will receive current rates for 25 years subject to index linkage.

New installations from December 12, 2011 will attract the current rate until April 1, 2012 before moving to the new rate. From then onwards, domestic customers could also be required to meet mandatory new energy efficiency measures as well.

In response, Sundog is working with its customers to ensure as many new projects are finished, commissioned and in operation with their requests for accreditation received (by a FIT licensee for schemes up to 50kW or Ofgem for more than 50kW) before December 12, 2011 to take advantage of existing rates.

We are also lobbying local MPs, industry bodies and decision makers to introduce the review in a much more measured and tactical way, to reduce the impact on consumers and maintain confidence in the solar PV industry


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