harness the power of the sun, save money and help protect the planet for future generations!

why solar PV?

Solar PV uses the sun’s energy to generate clean green electricity that can be used directly in place of conventionally generated power in your home or business.   It is one of the easiest and most beneficial renewable energy technologies to add to any building, whether commercial or domestic.  Call us to discuss your options.

solar PV saves you money

The Feed-in Tariff (FIT) means you get paid for all the solar electricity you generate - for 20 years and increasing with inflation.  You get paid extra for the electricity you don’t use that is exported to the national grid.

gives you energy security

You also save money on your electricity bills, protecting yourself against inevitable price rises from energy suppliers and potential energy shortages in the future.

cuts carbon emissions

Each unit of electricity generated by a solar PV system reduces the amount of CO2 that is emitted from conventional power stations. Over 25 years, a 1kWp PV array it will generate over 18,000 units of electricity and save over 10 tonnes of CO2.

is versatile

Solar PV panels can be installed at almost any location; usually mounted on a building’s roof, but they can also be integrated into the fabric of the building, replacing traditional roofing, glazing or cladding materials, or on simple ground-mounted structures.

no maintenance costs

PV panels are usually cleaned quite adequately by the rain.   As the system has no moving parts it requires no general maintenance and the only projected cost is the replacement of the inverter at some time during the lifetime of the system – upwards of 40 years!

no onerous planning restrictions

Solar PV is deemed to be a permitted development which means there is no need for a planning application unless the site is on a listed building or in a conservation area.

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no building regulations for home installations

As an MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) registered installer, we ensure that the PV system does not compromise the structural integrity of the building by checking that its roof is capable of supporting the PV array.

no hidden extras

All our quotes specify exactly what is included in the price, such as provision of the scaffolding and electrical works unless otherwise stated in our quote.

no worries

The Sundog team includes highly trained and experienced system designers, project managers, installers and electricians to ensure that all our solar PV projects are of the highest quality and delivered safely, professionally, on time and within budget.








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